The Purpose of Teaism


It seems to be certain that our brain tends to consider things visional as truth, indeed they are just an aspect of interpretation through brain edition. As enlightenment in Buddhism means devoting yourself wholeheartedly, Zen Buddhist uses a traditional tea ceremony as a process to the mere enlightenment. Teaism has been getting along with Zen. It is only after removing everything completely that Truth remains in Zen. For example, heavy tools are referred the way a guest feels that they are light and light tools are referred as heavy in the way of tea, because feeling the weight is just an interpretation of our brain. Takuan Soho (1573-1645), a Zen priest, claims the following.
The essence of Teaism is nor rules or forms. Just express spontaneously responding to the circumstances at hand.

That is to say, teaism is a kind of affordance.