~KODO Tenco Profile~

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A Tea-Virtuoso  

   KODO Tenco makes traditional Japanese tea showing Teaism at court, museum, garden, and party such as Raday Muzeum in Hungary around the world as a Tea-Virtuoso and lectures Khmer students at JCIA Posen Chey College “The way of Tea” at the Tea House “Rinsen” as a Vice-President where he established under the supervision of Yoshida Shinsai at the suburbs of Phnom Penh in 2015. He is also a Chairman of Hashihime World Agency which realizes multiculturalism and reverse engineering studying under Yoshida Sokan and Nojiri Taiko.  

Belonging : Omotesenke, Taieikai (General Manager), Hashihime Co,. Ltd.(Chairman), Japan Profeissonal Tennis Association and United States Professional Tennis Association (Tennis Coach) .

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・Nikkei Communications (Still Model)

・Monthly Per Golf   (Still Model)

・Monthly SAY   (Still Model)   

・Monthly Tokyo Week  (Still Model)

・Kawasaki FM  (Guest Starring)

・Broadcast Station Utsuwa  (Guest Starring)

・Mishi Magazine  (Essay)img_0274

・Schole  (Essay) 

・SAKIGAKE  (Essay)

・Geimon  (Essay)

・28th The English Linguistics Society of Japan 

(Conference Presentation & Academic Publishing)picture-201509-kimono-1

・International Exchange Art Exhibition of 150th Anniversary Amity and Commerce between Japan and Italy(Calligraphy)

・The 28th TAIEI Calligraphy Exhibition in Kecskemét city at Raday Muzeum in Hungary     (Calligraphy & Tea Ceremony)

VIRA magazine

Kecskemet Online

Kecskemet TV News filmora

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・Pluractionality and Measuring-Out in the Realization of Unspecified Arguments

・Causative Alternation and Telic Deadejectival Verbs

・Core Events and Causative Alternation

・Double Goal Phenomena in English