・Nikkei Communications (Still Model)

・Monthly Per Golf   (Still Model)

・Monthly SAY   (Still Model)   

・Monthly Tokyo Week  (Still Model)

・Kawasaki FM  (Guest Starring)

・Broadcast Station Utsuwa  (Guest Starring)

・Mishi Magazine  (Essay)picture 20170412 taieikai 3

・Schole  (Essay) 

・SAKIGAKE  (Essay)

・Geimon  (Essay)

・28th The English Linguistics Society of Japan (Conference Presentation & Academic Publishing)

IMG_0279・International Exchange Art Exhibition of 150th Anniversary Amity and Commerce between Japan and Italy(Calligraphy)

・The 28th TAIEI Calligraphy Exhibition in Kecskemét city at Raday Muzeum in Hungary     (Calligraphy & Tea Ceremony)

VIRA magazine

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