Kanewari and Rakusyo

洛書   It is extremely important for tea masters to put their tea tools on the absolute beautiful places measured by Kanewari in tatami which is a kind of Japanese traditional mat. Kanewari was born of the numbers of 7, 5, and 3 in a drawing called Rakusyo. There are nine numbers in Rakusyo whose total amount is 15 after adding lengthwise, horizontally, and obliquely. The number 15 means prosperity of descendants in Oriental Numerology. Rakusho also shows an art of kingcraft because there are two rotations around the number 5 which means immobility, namely the odd numbers in the drawing rotate anticlockwise threefold and even numbers do clockwise twofold. Putting their tea tools on the absolute beauty in tatami makes tea room harmonize with the microcosm.